Sunday, June 22, 2008

The gang's all here

OK, I'm caught up. I promise that future posts will contain more detail. I just really wanted to get these out of the way.

Tiffany's Scarf

Birthday gift for Tiffany. SC boucle.

One Skein Scarf

DC Homespun

Holey Scarf

Christianne ended up buying this one. I still love it. Might have to make one for me.

Hubby Ripple

Did this one for the hubby in, you guessed it, DC.


A Vanna pattern. I love how this turned out. It went to Project Linus. I will totally use this pattern again.

Steph's Scarf

Some kind of boucle yarn. I don't even remember. But this was almost 8 feet long!